The world around us

Opportunities and risks in the world around us

What is happening in the world around us has an impact on our organisation and conversely, we have an impact on the world around us. This offers both opportunities and challenges. We need to keep an eye on key trends and market developments. And by listening to the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders and understanding these, we can provide real added value and build a sustainable business.

The diagram below provides a brief schematic overview of our major stakeholders, relevant external developments (material themes) for them, the risks and opportunities involved, how we respond to this in our strategy and the objectives we set ourselves. We go into more detail on this in the sections on the strategic pillars.

> How do we involve our stakeholders?
> How do we determine the material issues?


* For these risks we have formulated quantitative indicators to track them over time. Please see the sections on the strategic pillars. For the main operational risks, see the section Governance.

This article is composed by Joost Galema, Michiel Prinsen Geerligs and Floor Klein