Strategy & value creation

Building a sustainable business

We are building a sustainable business and we are looking to the long term to achieve our vision and mission. For the period 2012-2017 we have a strategy with five pillars:

A Great Place to Work
Vodafone wants to be a good employer. To guarantee our success in the future, it is essential to make appropriate investment in the development of the right people and to ensure that we retain them. As a company we can only achieve good results with motivated and committed employees. We believe in our core values ​​(‘The Vodafone Way’) and we want our employees to act as wel as possible in this regard.

The Easiest Place to do Business
We want to offer our customers the best experience through our products and services. People must be able to deal with us in a quick and easy manner. For this reason we are simplifying the processes as we ensure that we are as accessible as possible online and with the development of relevant and simple products.

Build for the Future
We want to respond rapidly to the changing needs of our customers. We have invested heavily in our network and IT systems in order to prepare our communication services for the future and we encourage and facilitate innovation using mobile and fixed technology.

A Playful and Connected Brand
We want to stand apart from the rest in ease and ‘playfulness and create involvement in our brand. We also want to promote our position as a playful challenger.

An Improved and Leading Reputation

We want to take a leading position in the market and we want to be an attractive choice for current and prospective employees, customers and partners and a reliable partner for government, regulators and other stakeholders. We are familiar with the main concerns and needs of our stakeholders and we are changing where possible. We take clear positions on important issues and pro-actively implement them.

With our five-pillar strategy we want to create a sustainable and financially sound company, or rather: ‘Getting the numbers’. We want to deliver a solid financial performance in terms of operating revenue, margins and cash flow, which results in a growing market share and improved profitability.

Value creation
The aim of our strategy is to increase our value for all stakeholders. The five pillars of our strategy are closely interrelated and have an influence on each other. When making decisions we therefore consider the impact on all 5 pillars.

This article is composed by Frank van der Heijden