Key results

An overview of our key results on our five strategic pillars

What have we achieved in 2014-2015? Our main results are included in the overview below, classified according to our five strategic pillars. Here you can read more about the long-term ambitions within these pillars and which strategic programmes we want to achieve through these ambitions. We also look at how we measure our progress (KPIs), our short-term objectives and our results. Finally, we also show what our (potential) socio-economic and environmental impact is. In ‘Getting the numbers’ you can find our financial results.

A Great Place to Work


Social impact

  • By providing employment to 3,838 staff members, temporary workers and contractors, and by collaborating with hundreds of suppliers and business partners, we contribute to direct and indirect employment and we are a major employer in the Netherlands.
  • By paying more attention to diversity and a global ‘Family Friendly’ approach, we contribute to labour participation.
  • By investing in employee development (€ 1,456 million in training) we increase our intellectual capital, especially in specific knowledge in the field of technology and customer service.
  • Through development of our employees, by paying attention to work motivation and the New Way of Working, we contribute to the well-being of employees.
  • Through pre- and post-graduation internships (54) and trainee positions (18), and by becoming involved in the programmes of various universities, we contribute to the quality of education and the transition to the labour market.
  • Through the efforts of volunteers (1,008 hours), donations to charity (almost € 884,000) and by having a team on standby that can put up a mobile network in a disaster area or refugee camp, we support people who are facing difficulty through the Vodafone Foundation.
  • The customer service sector – which we are a part of and to which we actively contribute knowledge – is an important part of the local economy in the Maastricht region.

The Easiest Place to do Business


Social impact

  • With our products and services we enable customers to access information and entertainment anytime and anywhere. This provides greater convenience, freedom, knowledge and time savings and contributes to safety and health in our country.
  • We provide a high quality, stable and secure infrastructure for companies with more efficiency in capacity, reduced costs, and increased productivity and safety.
  • By providing better information and improved tools to customers to control costs, we contribute to a lower debt burden in society.

Build for the Future


Social impact

  • The Dutch economy cannot operate without mobile and fixed networks. We provide connectivity for one third of the Dutch population.
  • Our high quality telecommunications infrastructure makes the Netherlands an attractive place for start-ups that provide innovation and employment.
  • By positioning 560 antennas in border, rural and natural areas and a pilot project in the Limburg border areas for optimisation of existing transmission masts, we contribute to improving accessibility in remote areas and border regions, which in turn contributes to health and safety in the Netherlands.
  • We encourage innovation by supporting start-ups via Mobiles for Good (6) and through Start-Up Boot Camp (11).
  • Based on our technology, such as M2M, businesses can provide more efficiency and sustainability. This leads to more prosperity at reduced costs and pollution.
  • Mobile technology applications such as M2M provide CO2 savings and improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.
  • The social costs of our total environmental impact is ≈9 million euro and including the impact of our suppliers more than ≈ 21 million euro.
  • The social benefits of the environmental impact of our M2M applications and application for flexible working amount to more than ≈ 37 million euro.
  • Reduced waste by collecting 100,204 phones.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions from our own production. Our CO2 emissions fell by 14% in 2014 compared to 2013.

A Playful and Connected Brand


Social impact

  • With #Firsts the deaf 19-year-old Vera van Dijk experienced a concert for the first time at Paradiso, fashion designer Liselore Frowijn was given the opportunity to show her first collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week, YouTube singer Safa Liron singer gave her first live concert and grandmothers An and Ria flew in an aeroplane for the first time.
  • 5 Firestarter documentaries on the Discovery Channel and 9 workshops on how mobile technology is changing our lives.

An Improved and Leading Reputation


Social impact

  • With Vodafone Thuis [Vodafone at Home] we show that we have serious ambitions in the fixed telecommunications market. A more competitive playing field leads to more innovation and a wider choice.
  • The ‘Boefproof’ [theft proof] campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Safety & Justice on how to remotely lock a stolen or lost device is aimed at reducing smartphone theft.
  • Regional Roaming ensures that society is better protected in the event of major network failures. Through our partnership agreement with other providers and the government we organise partial take-over of each other’s services in the event of network failure.
  • With the Fietsmodus [Bike Mode] app and campaign we promote safer use of social media in traffic among young people at school, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment.

Getting the numbers


Social impact
We contribute directly and indirectly to economic growth in the Netherlands through:

  • Employee remuneration: € 197 million*
  • Investments in network and IT € 384 million*
  • Paying taxes: € 65 million payroll taxes, € 215 million VAT*
  • Spending with Dutch suppliers: € 420 million *

*At the time of publication of this report, the audit of the financial figures was not yet finalized.

**Not all tax information for 2014/2015 is known. In 2013/2014 we paid a total of approximately € 111.5 million in direct taxes to the Dutch government. Read more about our transparency regarding taxes in the ‘Transparency Report’ .