About this report - Assurance

Assurance report of the independent auditor

To: the management of Vodafone Libertel B.V.

We have reviewed the sustainability information in the Integrated Report 2014/2015 (hereinafter: the Report) of Vodafone Libertel B.V., Rotterdam (hereinafter: Vodafone). The Report comprises a description of the policy, the activities, events and performance of Vodafone relating to sustainable development during the reporting year 2014/2015 ending 31 March 2015.

Limitations in our scope
The Report contains prospective information, such as ambitions, strategy, targets, expectations and projections. Inherent to this information is that actual future results may be different from the prospective information and therefore may be uncertain. We do not provide any assurance on the assumptions and feasibility of this prospective information.

The scope of our assurance engagement concerns the whole Report, excluding the sections “Our Financial Performance”, “Getting the numbers” and “Remuneration Policy”. The comparative figures for the period 2011/2012 and before and the references in the Report (to, external websites and other documents) are also outside the scope of our assurance engagement.

Management’s responsibility
Management of Vodafone is responsible for the preparation of the Report in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 (option Core) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), including the identification of the stakeholders and the determination of material issues, and the reporting criteria developed by Vodafone. The disclosures made by management with respect to the scope of the Report and the reporting criteria are included in chapter “About this report”.

Furthermore management is responsible for such internal control as it determines is necessary to enable the preparation of the Report that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Auditor’s responsibility
Our responsibility is to express an conclusion on the Report based on our review. We conducted our review in accordance with Dutch law, including the Dutch Standard 3810N Assurance engagements relating to sustainability reports. This requires that we comply with ethical requirements and that we plan and perform the audit to obtain limited assurance about whether the Report is free from material misstatement.

A review is focused on obtaining limited assurance. The procedures performed in obtaining limited assurance are aimed on the plausibility of information which does not require exhaustive gathering of evidence as in engagements focused on reasonable assurance. The performed procedures consisted primarily of making inquiries of management and others within the entity, as appropriate, applying analytical procedures regarding the information as included in the Report and evaluating the evidence obtained. Consequently a review engagement provides less assurance than an audit.

Procedures performed
Our main procedures included the following:

  • Performing an external environment analysis and obtaining an understanding of the sector, relevant social issues, relevant laws and regulations and the characteristics of the organization
  • Evaluating the acceptability of the reporting policies and their consistent application, such as assessment of the outcomes of the stakeholder dialogue and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management
  • Evaluating the application level in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 (option Core) of GRI
  • Evaluating the design and implementation of the systems and processes for data gathering and processing of information as presented in the Report
  • Interviewing management (or relevant staff) responsible for the sustainability strategy and policies
  • Interviews with relevant staff responsible for providing the information in the Report,carrying out internal control procedures on the data and the consolidation of the data in the Report
  • Evaluating internal and external documentation, in addition to interviews, to determine whether the information in the Report is reliable
  • Analytical review of data and trend explanations submitted for consolidation in the Report.

We believe that the evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our conclusion.

Based on our procedures performed, and with due consideration of the limitations described in the paragraph “Limitations in our scope”, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to conclude that the Report, in all material respects, does not provide a reliable and appropriate presentation of the policy of Vodafone for sustainable development, and of the activities, events and performance of the organization relating to sustainable development during 2014/2015 (1 April 2014 up until 31 March 2015), in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 (option Core) of the GRI and the reporting criteria developed by Vodafone as disclosed in chapter “About this report”.

Rotterdam, 20 July 2015

Ernst & Young Accountants LLP

signed by R.T.H. Wortelboer